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“A Story of True Love”

“One of the first elderly residents “(‘Uncle Tan’) I visited lives with his helper, as his wife was recently diagnosed with dementia. He had reluctantly brought her to live in a nursing home so she could be cared for by professional healthcare workers. It was truly a tough decision for him to make.

Uncle Tan’s care and love for his wife goes so far that he refuses to go for his family’s reunion dinners because he can’t bear to eat the well-prepared delicacies while his wife is stuck in a nursing home with perhaps less tasty meals. As he was talking to us, I could clearly see his eyes welling up…

Uncle Tan told me that he continues to visit his wife daily, without fail.”

– One of our volunteers, reflecting on his card distribution with Montfort GoodLife! and Hey, You’ve Got Mail!

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“Come Rain or Shine”

Come rain or shine… will you be there for the elderly?

One of our volunteers reflects that many of us rarely even see our grandparents, and when we do, some of us are “glued to our phones” while others can’t get past the language barrier.

“None of us want to be in a situation where we regret not having known our grandparents better.”

But it’s never too late to make the first step. No need to use big words – a simple “Have you eaten?” or “What did you do last week?” can set off a conversation that both of you will cherish forever.

Think about the various elderly in your life – your grandparents, the Coffeeshop Uncle, the Auntie selling tissues. How can you reach out to them today?