Hey, You Got Mail!

Scrapbook Edition!

Crafting Relationships, Transcending Generations

our story

Hey, You Got Mail is going beyond cards! We are partnering with nursing homes for our brand new initiative: Scrapbook Edition!

This is a venue for us to kickstart deeper and more meaningful relationships with seniors who are facing social isolation especially in such unprecedented times.

We have worked hard to design our own Scrapbook which comes in a customizable format. We produced a wide variety of Activity Sheets such as Games, Quizzes and Musical activities. They serve as a prompt for the volunteer and the elderly to carry out the activity and bond. 


To provide an interactive platform for the creation of meaningful, long-term relationships between elderly and youths.


To alleviate the issue of social isolation among the elderly in Singapore by creating an outlet of communication and interaction

what do I do?

As a volunteer in this project, you will be attached to a senior in one of our partner nursing homes/activity care centres. Across 4 Sessions, you and your senior will co-share one scrapbook. During each session, both of you will complete activity sheets and decorate the scrapbook to personalise and make meaningful connections with the seniors. At the end of the 4 sessions, the seniors will get to keep the completed scrapbook and hold on to those precious memories forever! We will highly encourage you to go for more sessions upon your request!

Cycle 1 will begin in March and will contain a minimum requirement of 4 sessions. Sessions will be held throughout the week so feel free to inform us of your preferred days in our Sign Up Form. Volunteers will have to come down for 4 face-to-face sessions at our partnered nursing homes which last an hour long.

see what our volunteers have to say!



I enjoyed my time talking and getting to know the elderly that i was paired up with. The scrapbook activities helped create topics of conversation that allowed me to feel more connected with them! This opportunity also allowed me to learn more about the elderly and understand them on a personal level. I learnt more about them as an individual and the activities they did on a daily basis at the LK elderly home 🙂



Talking to Bertha helped me understand more how life was in the past and appreciate what we have now in the present

Kai Ting


The scrapbooking experience was lighthearted and fun. It was a creative way to engage us with the elderly using topics found in the scrapbook. There were also many value adding conversations- such as life advice and interesting stories from the Judy!



My personal experience at the HYGM: Scrapbook Edition has been nothing short of amazing. I really love the whole innovate concept of building a scrapbook together with your elderly partner; Not only does it help us build upon our conversations, it also gives us the opportunities to strengthen our rapport together as we poke fun and laugh at each other’s drawing, choice of colour etc. Each and every session with my elderly partner was filled with lots of laughter and it was really light-heartening to see him uphold such a strong sense of positivity despite the adversities that came along with ageing. Kudos to the planning team for doing such a wonderful job!