Hey, You Got Mail!

Frequently Asked Questions

$2 from you = 1 card to a person you care about, and 1 card for the seniors staying in our partner nursing homes.

Due to current COVID-19 measures, it's difficult for family and friends to visit their loved ones staying in nursing homes. These seniors may end up feeling lonely and socially isolated. We hope these cards will be able to spark a moment of joy to brighten up their day!

Hey, You Got Mail! is 100% non-profit. The $2 paid covers the cost of your card and mailing. For every card you purchase, we will be using the remaining proceeds to send 1 more card to each senior at our partner nursing homes!

Our initiative offers you the opportunity to spread good vibes beyond your friend group. For the $2 used to purchase and send a card, you will empower us to send 1 more card to each senior staying in nursing homes. In addition, donations of any amount will enable us to send cards to more seniors 🙂


It's always nice to receive physical mail send with thought, especially so for the seniors at our partner nursing homes since their interaction with family/friends is very limited in this time.

No worries, we provide cards in Chinese, Malay and Tamil to cater to every senior!

Yes! In submitting our form, we require you to agree to the PDPA clause - all information will strictly be kept confidential and secure. For more information you may refer to our Privacy Policy.

We use SingPost normal mail to mail out the cards to your loved ones, while standard mailing duration applies, it may take longer for your card to arrive.

You can volunteer with us! Our team is always looking to expand our volunteer base. Activities include making cards with other volunteers, or contributing your skills such as designing, drawing or dancing! Click here to learn more and sign up to be a volunteer with us!