What you can do as a Volunteer!

Volunteering with us:

At HYGM!, our main mission is to alleviate social isolation among seniors. Social isolation is a quiet yet concerning issue in Singapore, and was aggravated by the recent COVID-19 pandemicSeniors are a vulnerable group and more often than not, they stay alone or away from their families which may lead to heightened loneliness and can affect their mental and physical health. Through handwritten cards, we hope to spark a moment of joy and brighten up their day and remind them that they are not alone. We believe that every small effort by our volunteers can create a huge impact.

Our volunteers hand write and decorate each and every card with love to seniors residing at our partner beneficiaries. Occasionally, we have card distribution events where volunteers come down to personally deliver the cards to seniors staying at their own flats. These distributions provide volunteers an opportunity to interact with seniors and get to know a little more about them. With the aim of reducing social isolation among seniors, we hope that these interactions can enable our volunteers to learn to reach out and care for seniors around them.

Scrapbook Edition:

Other than our usual volunteer sessions and distributions, our side-project, Scrapbook Edition,  encourages volunteers to personally head down to our partner nursing homes or senior activity centres and interact with seniors there. During the course of the program, volunteers are attached to a senior and together, they will co-create a scrapbook. Our scrapbook functions as an icebreaker to provide an avenue for meaningful conversations. This enables volunteers to build friendships with a senior and possibly form long-term relationships with them. Volunteers in Scrapbook Edition engage with seniors for a minimum of 4 sessions over the course of 1-2 months depending on our partner organization. The end-product of the personalized scrapbook serves as a physical memento for the senior to keep and reminisce.

FAQ on Volunteering (as of June 20th 2021)

You can volunteer with us! Our team is always looking to expand our volunteer base. Activities include making cards with other volunteers, or contributing your skills such as designing, drawing or dancing! Click here to learn more and sign up to be a volunteer with us!

Due to the high volume of sign-ups, it takes awhile for us to process each application! We usually process volunteer applications once a month.

As Telegram is our main medium for volunteer announcements, please download Telegram and send us your telegram username e.g @herberthygm. It is difficult for us to coordinate on other platforms, we hope you understand!

First, please seek approval from your teacher-in-charge that volunteering at HYGM! is a VIA activity that aligns with your school. We would like to clarify that HYGM! is NOT a charity organization. We are a non-profit ground up initiative. While we are able to provide an official documentation of your VIA hours spent volunteering with us, it is ultimately the school’s decision to approve this documentation. 


In addition, if there are any school forms that require our comments/feedback for your VIA submission, please hand it to us during our  volunteer sessions.

You may claim your VIA hours in the form of a Volunteer Certificate by filling in the form at this link.
You will receive a soft copy certificate which you may use as Official Documentation of your VIA hours.

Unfortunately, as there is no proper form previously to document your hours, we are unable to officially validate your past contributions. 

Yes. Please send us an email at [email protected] on your proposal and we will view accordingly. Do make sure that you have your school’s approval first before approaching us.

Find more details about Collaborations with Hey, You Got Mail! here

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