Joanne’s Story

As a child, I would often spend my days wrecking havoc in my grandparents’ home. A treasured memory I have from those times actually surfaced during a mundane day as my grandfather and I watched the morning news. I remember launching myself unapologetically at him, exclaiming a loud “大树要倒了!(The big tree is going to fall)” as my only warning. Somehow, the younger me was convinced that jumping on unsuspecting people was great fun and that my grandfather was a wonderful personification of a great old tree (hence the exclamation). Despite the randomness of that, my grandfather took it all in stride and indulged in my imagination. He had mock staggered before pretending to collapse, conceding that the big tree had indeed fallen before enveloping me in a hug. I remember feeling really happy and cared for back then. This is undoubtedly one of my most treasured memories with my grandfather. It has never failed to bring a smile onto my face and will always leave a tendril of warmth behind.

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