Hey, You Got Mail!

Jiwon's Story

University can be tough, with submission deadlines, tutorials, lectures all while trying to spend time with your friends too. It was another one of those tiring, exhausting days when I met Uncle Philip. My mind was full of how I was going to squeeze in many tasks in the small hours that I had, walking into KFC and sighing because I knew I would be cutting sleep again. Uncle Phillip, possibly in his 60s, works at the NTU KFC but he’s not like any other employee or staff. He passed me a post-it note telling me “Don’t sorry, be happy, and smile!” with such a warm greeting that I could not help but smile. It amazed me because I could tell in his expression that there was a genuine care and concern for us, and my heart warmed a little. My workload did not change but the day felt a little brighter, as if that small note contained Uncle Phillip’s love. I could not appreciate him any more.