Jessy’s Story

My most treasured memory I have with a senior has to be my grandma. Grandma is a simple lady who gave her entire life to the family. She was a wonderful cook, and kept the whole family very very well fed despite always getting scolded by her children for cooking too much and wasting food. I will always remember seeing her in the kitchen, always busy cooking up a nice hot meal for us. I will always remember her chasing me out of the kitchen (she never wanted to let anyone help her no matter how tired she was) and asking me to go rest instead. I will always remember how she never once got to eat food that was hot, or even warm, simply because she was always busy making sure we were well fed. Grandma was a simple lady who never really got to enjoy life. I never really got to spend a whole lot of time with her before she became an angel again, but I will always remember seeing her smile when I ran to her as a little kid. In her little ways, she taught me to be kind, to be selfless and in some ways, she shaped the work ethics I have today. She will always always live on in me, and she will always be my favourite senior. Ah Ma, I love you and I miss you.

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