Jaslyn’s Story

I once did a Community Involvement Project with my junior college class at Ren Ci @ AMK. It was the Chinese New Year festive season and we were going to colour and make paper origami with the seniors there. I was slightly nervous since I don’t usually interact much with seniors. My grandparents stay in Malaysia so I hardly interact with them and if so, only once every year during CNY.I was paired with an aunty who was hard of hearing. That was the first challenge. When it came down to doing the arts and craft activity together, the 2nd challenge we faced was the language barrier. I, unfortunately, cannot speak dialect… But throughout the whole activity, we attempted to communicate with each other through drawing and colouring as well as trying to understand bits and pieces of whatever we were trying to say to each other. I got to know more about her and she shared with me her story. It was very light hearted and we had fun telling each other stuff and doing the activities together. Although communication was difficult, we managed to get to know each other more and I felt very happy at the end of the session knowing I made a friend.

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