Hey, You Got Mail!

Our Story

Who we are.

hey, you got mail! is a non-profit project/initiative spreading good vibes to your loved ones and nursing home seniors via personalised handmade cards.

Founded in sunny Singapore, Hey, You Got Mail! started off as a comment during a pubg game between friends socially distancing on things they could send each other besides GrabFood. Having met in junior college, the team decided to go old school, making handmade cards to be sent via snail mail to friends and others in the community. 

what we do.

This initiative aims to help reduce the risk of loneliness from social isolation through the delivery of high-quality, hand-made cards. We have partnered up with nursing homes to be the recipients of our cards. 

At just $2, anyone can purchase a card to be mailed to their loved ones. The $2 covers the cost of the card and mailing. For every card you purchase, we use the remaining proceeds to send another card to a senior at our partner nursing homes/activity centres.

why we started.

As a result of nation-wide safe-distancing measures, the ever present issue of social isolation has been worsening. Those who live separately from their loved ones may have a difficult time. Especially for seniors in nursing homes – current restrictions only allow for 1 visitor per resident per day for only 30 minutes.

We want to bring a smile to the faces of our beloved elderly in Singapore, hence w e began this project as a way of supporting them through this COVID-19 crisis.

the team.

Meet herbert


Meet Herbert. He’s your friendly neighbourhood cheerleader. You’ll never see him, but he makes sure your mail is always delivered on time.

If you’ve been missing a friend, or been wanting to pay it forward to those most affected in these unprecedented times, Herbert’s here for you.

Herbert sends heartfelt letters in cute cards! Although the Internet may keep us connected during these times, Herbert understands that it’s not quite the same in social isolation.


director of publicity + co-founder



director of publicity + co-founder



director of liaisons & outreach + co-founder



director of internal operations + co-founder



director of finance + co-founder



director of innovation + co-founder