Kenny’s Story

My grandfather was estranged from his son, my dad but in my growing up years, my grandfather maybe due to his old age, made a decision to mend the fences with his son before it was too late. But he was also a very proud Chinese traditional man, born in the 1930s. Naturally, I became a convenient “excuse” in a good way for him wanting to visit his grandson every week at our 2-room HDB apartment but it was also an opportunity for him to visit his son. We lived at the end of the long stretch of the HDB block, and my grandfather can never remember which unit we stayed in. So he did the next best thing. From the start of the common corridor stretch, he’d call out my name until he reached the audible distance of our unit, and either myself or my dad / mom would pop out to get him. Knowing he made this weekly effort to reconcile with his son, it has taught me that humanity is a lesson in progress.

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